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Sunday Scaries (and what to do about them)

Updated: Jan 29

The “Sunday scaries” aka “Sunday blues,” or even “Smonday” is a concept so real that 76% of Americans reported having “really bad” Sunday night anxiety (

We are often more anxious Sunday nights than we are during the actual work week. We essentially waste time being anxious, because the anxiety is out of proportion to the actual event (work) and is unproductive. It doesn’t really prepare us for the week, it just makes us stressed, nauseated, fatigued, or nervous.

Here are a few helpful tips to beat the scaries.

  1. Prepare for the week ahead. Spend a few minutes Friday afternoon preparing for Monday, getting organized, making a to do list for when you’re back in the office, so you can completely unplug. That’s another thing… allow yourself to actually separate from work. It helps to not set up any major meetings or presentations for Monday so you can use the time you have on Mondays to get back into the swing of things.

  2. Have a healthy routine. Try to get to bed early Sunday night so you’re well-rested for the week ahead. Be hydrated and well-fed so you’re not still recovering from Saturday night’s hangover.

  3. Stay present. Probably the most important tip is to deliberately plan something to keep you busy on Sunday. Don’t leave Sunday to be your- clean apartment, do your laundry, finish homework- day. That can often come with the blues of feeling unproductive and like you’ve “wasted” your day. Even if you’re planning a tv marathon, it’s something to do. Staying present involves actually being in the moment when you’re doing it.

  4. Have something to look forward to. This applies for both Sunday night and Monday. Maybe every Sunday night you order in and watch Game of Thrones and it’s something you enjoy to cap off the weekend. Have something to look forward to on Monday as well. It might be as exciting as trying a new restaurant on your lunch break or catching up with a coworker you actually like.

Try some of these techniques and see if they work for you!

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