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Adjustment Disorders



Binge Eating

Bipolar Disorder


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Eating Disorders

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Some of our specialties...


Here in NYC, anxiety is the #1 mental health issues we see and includes general anxiety, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, and social anxiety. When it gets out of control, anxiety can be crippling and prevent you from living a full life. Therapy can help you understand you triggers and learn concrete skills to manage it.

Young Adults

We primarily work with  adults 18-40. Common struggles include work stress, life transitions, relationships, dating, and goal-setting.


We work with many people in creative industries such as designers, film producers, actors, singers, etc. Some experience emotional and/or interpersonal difficulties unique to the creative world and entertainment industry. As a trained artist, Lillian believes it is helpful as a therapist to have an understanding of the way in which creativity works, how artists express themselves and sometimes what therapeutic purpose art provides for them. 


We stress the importance of being culturally sensitive and respectful of differences in attitudes values and beliefs. This includes differences in regards to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.