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There are unique stressors at each level of a person's career and we can help you navigate that.


New York City is filled with successful professionals, hard-workers, and start-ups, and along with that comes pressure, sleepless nights, and difficulty balancing it all. Professionals and entrepreneurs often experience stress, fatigue, isolation, and fear of failure. Anxiety and depression is often associated with entrepreneurship as well.


We can help you better understand how your personality and life experiences impact your career choices and how you engage with work. We will examine your ambition, drive, and career satisfaction.


We want to help you create healthy boundaries, manage procrastination, and prevent burnout. Whether it be working on coping skills, executive functioning, or work-life balance, we can help you improve the way your feel on a day-to-day basis.


If you're interested in looking for help with your body image or disordered eating, contact us!

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