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Newsbreak: Therapists Share Questions for New Clients to Ask Their Therapists

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Bustle: Why Someone Says They're Not Ready to Date, According to Experts

Daily Mail UK: Dating experts reveal why 'I'm not ready for a relationship' really IS a valid reason for ending a romance - as they explain how to best deal with it when someone says it to YOU

Human Window: Why is Self Love so Important? (28 Experts Give Their Best Advice)

Best Life: This is the One Word You Should Never Say to Someone with Anxiety

Upjourney: Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex?

Zencare: 8 Powerful Tips to Boost Your Sense of Self

Get Me Giddy: Which Type of Therapy Approach is Right for You

Get Me Giddy: Yes, You Can Be Overweight and Struggle With Anorexia

Get Me Giddy: Trauma or Abuse can Cause Someone to Lie

Get Me Giddy: Why Rewatching Your Favorite TV Shows Feels So Good

Get Me Giddy: We Can't Stress this Enough: Shed Stress to Improve Fertility

Best Life: 5 Ways to Avoid Fighting About Money with Your Partner, Therapists Say

Reframe App: How to Practice Mindful Drinking

Belongly: Dealing with Dating Anxiety

The Healthy: This is What Your Therapist First Notices about You

Authority Magazine: Mental Wellness Mastery: Mental Health Expert Lillian Rishty Of NYC Therapy Group On Everyday Life Hacks For Optimal Mental Wellness

National Council on Aging: Grow Online Therapy Review 2024

Lillian Rishty featured in press

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Lillian Rishty featured on Samata Health


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PROPEL Network feature of Lillian Rishty
The Shrink Space features Lillian Rishty

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