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Journaling for Beginners

Updated: Jan 29

Why journal?

Journaling can be therapeutic in that it allows you to process your thoughts and feelings and can reduce stress and anxiety. Putting feelings into words on paper can encourage space between our emotions and reactions. Journaling can be helpful in a variety of other ways in that it helps you work through challenges, gives space to express gratitude, and encourages you to set and visualize goals.

Helpful Tips:

A helpful tip for getting started is to release yourself from judgement. We're used to worrying about what others will think of what we say or write but journaling is for your eyes only. This allows you to be your most authentic self.


Scheduling time in advance is a great way to establish a commitment to the process of journaling. For example, some people might do it daily from 9 am-9:15 am, others will do it daily on their afternoon subway commute. It should be a set block of time to become part of your routine.


Many people journal but they don't all do it the same way. Some try free flow and just write what comes to mind, others use journal prompts. Some common prompts include: what are some things you're grateful for? What is a recent situation that challenged you? Write a letter to someone that you would never send.

Journaling guide for beginners

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